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Ginger Preserve (in Sweet Syrup) Adrak Ka Murabba 225.Grams


Cranberry Preserve (in Sweet Syrup) Karonda Ka Murabba 225.Grams

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Hanzal Preserve (in Sweet Syrup) Hanzal Ka Murabba 225.Grams


Can Controls Cholesterol
Used to Treat Heart Diseases
Control Diabetes & Uric Acid
Relief from Gastric Ulcer
Boots Energy Level
Maintain Blood Glucose Level
Relives for Joint Pain
100% Original Product
Premium Quality

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Murabba Hanzel (Colocynthis/Bitterapple Hanzal Preserve) 225.Gms Korh Tumba

Bitter apple have strong purgative properties which help to cure intestinal problems such as constipation.
It stimulates the kidney and helps to maintain a healthy urinary tract.
It purifies the blood.
It gives relief from poisoning resulting from scorpion bite and snake bite.
It is useful to reduce rheumatism as well as arthritic and joint pains.
It helps to cure pimples, acne and boils.
It is very helpful to cure cold and cough.
It is helpful for treating tumors, cancers and ascites.
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